Site Building and Link Building Diary – Part 2

Yesterday was another big day for link building, in particular my focus was on continuing to post and advertise in multiple forums, and to branch out by submitting the sites to more search engines and directories.

First, let’s see how we’re doing on backlinks and visitors from day one (technically day two, but part one), compared to today’s numbers:

Jon’s Blog and Photos –
Inlinks: Google – 269/269/269, Yahoo – 150/152/145, Altavista – 181/186/181, Alltheweb – 180/185/179
Traffic: Google Analytics – 15/29/52

Minnesota Design and Photography –
Inlinks: Google – 108/108/108, Yahoo – 126/130/133, Altavista – 150/154/158, Alltheweb – 149/154/157
Traffic: Google Analytics – 11/14/14

Gamer Junkie –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0/0, Yahoo – 0/5/12, Altavista – 0/5/14, Alltheweb – 0/5/14
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/47/44

Gamer Junkie Forums –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0/0, Yahoo – 0/6/13, Altavista – 0/6/15, Alltheweb – 0/6/15
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/error/error (having problems caused by the subdomain)
Threads – 0/8/17, Posts – 0/10/33, Members – 0/5/10

So it looks like my link building efforts are working (slowly but surely as link building goes), but as you can see my reporting methods aren’t quite precise (Google updates external links about once a month).  One of the things I did find was TheAdminZone Forums where they have the Launch sub forum specifically for new forum administrators to help each other build their sites, trade posts, and share tips and tricks.

Tomorrows plan for site building is to continue advertising the sites far and wide, and to continue adding fresh and new content to the sites to keep the search engines and bots coming back.

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