Site Building and Link Building Diary – Part 4

Back again, it’s been a few days and I figured it was time to post another update.  I’ve been networking with other webmasters and exchanging links with other relevant sites in each of my top keyword niches.  I’ve also been staying active on relevant sites, blogs, and forums with signatures, comments, and links back to my sites.

Let’s see how we’re doing on backlinks and visitors compared to the previous numbers:

Jon’s Blog and Photos –
Inlinks: Google – 269/269/269/280/384, Yahoo – 150/152/145/199/403, Altavista – 181/186/181/227/393, Alltheweb – 180/185/179/225/390
Traffic: Google Analytics – 15/29/52/39/33

Minnesota Design and Photography –
Inlinks: Google – 108/108/108/123/194, Yahoo – 126/130/133/172/244, Altavista – 150/154/158/198/314, Alltheweb – 149/154/157/197/313
Traffic: Google Analytics – 11/14/14/20/8

Gamer Junkie –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0/0/0/0, Yahoo – 0/5/12/40/288, Altavista – 0/5/14/53/305, Alltheweb – 0/5/14/53/305
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/47/44/32/17

Gamer Junkie Forums –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0/0/0/84, Yahoo – 0/6/13/40/133, Altavista – 0/6/15/52/143, Alltheweb – 0/6/15/52/143
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/error/error/13/11
Threads – 0/8/17/27/57, Posts – 0/10/33/70/169, Members – 0/5/10/14/21

Remember, don’t lose hope!  The most important thing now is to stay consistent in your efforts because it shows the search engines that you’re commited and it keeps your site’s growth steady (which the search engines prefer).  Stay Tuned!


  1. Hello Jon

    Very interesting study. I subscribed your RSS feed and I am very interested in the success of your linkbuilding efforts.
    Would be interesting to read about how you determined which keywords you want to rank for…


    Mikes last blog post..Three way linking with

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