Site Building and Link Building Diary – Part 5

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I figured it was time for another update .  My goal over the last few weeks has been to write new content and link to quality/authority sites in each of my niches.  I have also been actively representing my sites on forums, bulletin boards, blogs, and any other site that allows for user feedback to gain links and authority from the search engines.

Let’s see how we’re doing on backlinks and visitors compared to the previous numbers:

Jon’s Blog and Photos –
Inlinks: Google – 269/269/269/280/384/796, Yahoo – 150/152/145/199/403/502, Altavista – 181/186/181/227/393/580, Alltheweb – 180/185/179/225/390/577
Traffic: Google Analytics – 15/29/52/39/33/34

Minnesota Design and Photography –
Inlinks: Google – 108/108/108/123/194/493, Yahoo – 126/130/133/172/244/373, Altavista – 150/154/158/198/314/430, Alltheweb – 149/154/157/197/313/423
Traffic: Google Analytics – 11/14/14/20/8/15

Gamer Junkie –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0/0/0/0/2, Yahoo – 0/5/12/40/288/269, Altavista – 0/5/14/53/305/298, Alltheweb – 0/5/14/53/305/293
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/47/44/32/17/62

Gamer Junkie Forums –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0/0/0/84/107, Yahoo – 0/6/13/40/133/225, Altavista – 0/6/15/52/143/250, Alltheweb – 0/6/15/52/143/243
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/error/error/13/11/49
Threads – 0/8/17/27/57/73, Posts – 0/10/33/70/169/257, Members – 0/5/10/14/21/29

Remember, don’t lose hope!  The most important thing now is to stay consistent in your efforts because it shows the search engines that you’re commited and it keeps your site’s growth steady.  Stay Tuned for my final report on each site, including some of the sites and tactics I used to create and find new backlinks for each site, as well as build and grow each site.


  1. Consistency that is the key, I’m trying to form the habit of writing 2 articles a day spending time on building backlinks.

    You just need to keep that faith that your efforts will pay off.

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  2. I agree, but more than consistency is the need to write things down like you have a keep track of the trends over time. Good idea!

  3. I’m new to blogging and my site is barely a month old and the majority of traffic have been from forums. Now I have been checking out other blogs for link exchange etc which seems to be increasing my traffic.

    BTW: found your site via from a comment you made.

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  4. It can be frustrating to plug away without immediate rewards but it is so gratifying when you breakthrough or hit one of your goals. I agree 100% that consistency is the key.

  5. Thats quite improvement than your previous post. well said, consistency is the key to stay long and make some position and reputation.

  6. Consistency over time in link building for your website will help to build results. Even if you're just building links to your website at a rate of one per day, over the course of a month, you will have 30 quality links. Keep up the good work!

  7. While consistency definitely helps, you need to keep motivated. This can be done by having some minor goals which you pass along the way.

    Nothing motivates more than small victories!
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  8. Hello.

    i agree with all of these comments here. Consistency is key. It can be hard to sometimes stay consistent. For this reason it is important to do as my old guidance councelor used to say, and set little goals in order to keep your motivation up. Thanks for the post.

  9. Consistency is key in accomplishing anything in life. Just working hard for one day at something is never going to get you anywhere. You need determination to carry you through the difficult process and to keep going through weeks and months and eventually years. Motivation is also key during this time frame. It is what will keep you going. Find ideas and songs that motivate you, or whatever works to keep you going. Remember to set short term goals and to keep your eye on the prize 😉

  10. Obtaining backlinks is my LEAST favorite thing about working on the internet. Fortunately, sites like yours make the job interesting – and educational!

    Good luck with all that forum and bulletin board posting. May the links be with you!

  11. I definitely reocgnise that building backlinks requires perserverence, however you need to be concious of investing time where there are no follow tags on commented links. Fotunately there are tools such as Firefox’s Search Status add-in.

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