Site Building and Link Building – Introduction

I just recently finished building Gamer Junkie –, and wanted to write about my experiences in developing and driving traffic to the site.  I am also including 2 of my other sites, My blog –, and My professional site –

So here it is, day one of my efforts.

Where my sites currently stand on Inbound links (measured from the W3 Link and Google Webmaster tools):

Jon’s Blog and Photos –
Inlinks: Google – 269, Yahoo – 150, Altavista – 181, Alltheweb – 180
Traffic: Google Analytics – 15

Minnesota Design and Photography –
Inlinks: Google – 108, Yahoo – 126, Altavista – 150, Alltheweb – 149
Traffic: Google Analytics – 11

Gamer Junkie –
Inlinks: Google – 0, Yahoo – 0, Altavista – 0, Alltheweb – 0
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0

Gamer Junkie Forums –
Inlinks: Google – 0, Yahoo – 0, Altavista – 0, Alltheweb – 0
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0
Threads – 0, Posts – 0, Members – 0

My blog, Moongrabber, has been around quite a while and has some nice backlinks including a few links from Good Tutorials.  My goal for this site is to keep adding to my blog’s backlinks, boost my daily traffic and hopefully start seeing more feedback and comments on the site.

My professional site, JB Design and Photo, has been around for a little over a year now and in the past been a main focus for my link building efforts.  My goal for this site is to start advertising the site, continue to build backlinks, and to increase conversions from visitors into contacts and clients.

The third site, Gamer Junkie, is a new project that I have been working on with the idea of building a network of sites providing information for gamers.  Today was the initial launch of Gamer Junkie and the Gamer Junkie Forums so the site has no links as of yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any goals.  I would like to build a large number of backlinks to get Gamer Junkie listed well in the Search Engines, while at the same time building a successful community/forum with returning members/visitors.

Yes, I know this are some pretty big ambitions for this project, but I hope to help others with the information provided here as I help myself build and improve my websites.

Stay tuned as I will be continually posting back on the blog with new additions to this story (think of this as a Site Building and Link Building Diary of sorts).


  1. At the moment you are getting very little traffic even with good no of backlinks for top 2 sites. How you are managing all, with different niches… Working all together? Is it your full time? rare kind of sharing but good one!

  2. All of my site and link building is done in my spare time (I already have a real full time job to keep me busy). You have to remember that the traffic that I am reporting comes from Google Analytics, which may or may not be entirely accurate.

  3. Very interesting post. Keep up the good work!


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