Site Building and Link Building – Part 1

Alright, yesterday I posted a brief introduction into my idea for this series of posts, and today is the first day to dig in.  Today was a big day for me as I made sure that all of the sites were listed in Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Live Webmasters with up to date sitemaps and site submissions.  I have also started posting on multiple different forums with a new signature that advertises my sites:

Jon’s Blog and PhotosMinnesota Design and Photography

Gamer JunkieGamer Junkie Forums –
Video Game News, Information, and Discussion.

First, let’s see how we’re doing on backlinks and visitors from day one, compared to today’s numbers:

Jon’s Blog and Photos –
Inlinks: Google – 269/269, Yahoo – 150/152, Altavista – 181/186, Alltheweb – 180/185
Traffic: Google Analytics – 15/29

Minnesota Design and Photography –
Inlinks: Google – 108/108, Yahoo – 126/130, Altavista – 150/154, Alltheweb – 149/154
Traffic: Google Analytics – 11/14

Gamer Junkie –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0, Yahoo – 0/5, Altavista – 0/5, Alltheweb – 0/5
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/47

Gamer Junkie Forums –
Inlinks: Google – 0/0, Yahoo – 0/6, Altavista – 0/6, Alltheweb – 0/6
Traffic: Google Analytics – 0/error
Threads – 0/8, Posts – 0/10, Members – 0/5

So as you can see my efforts to get the sites submitted, sitemaps created, and a moderate amount of posting on different forums has already shown a boost in existing sites and has also helped get the new site started too.

Using Gamer Junkie as an example, here is the initial process (and steps/sites) that I went through to “kick off” the site:

Tomorrows plan for site building is to advertise the sites on some more targeted sites and groups (Yahoo Groups anyone?), and setup a small advertising campaign in both Google Adsense and Facebook.  To help build traffic, members, and posts on the new Gamer Junkie Forums I have joined TheAdminZone’s Launch Group that helps new forum owners trade and cross promote their sites.


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