True Ride Home featured in the Pioneer Press

I’ve just been informed that Jay Henry, True Insurance Agency, and True Ride Home have been featured in this week’s Pioneer Press.  True Ride Home’s revolutionary new idea to reimburse people for taking a taxi cab instead of drinking and driving has become a hit.

True Ride Home has become a highly successful program over the last few months, and has even received endorsements from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and many other organizations.  So far over 600 people have called in to the True Ride Home hotline, although only some 11 have taken advantage of reimbursement for their cab fares.

You can learn more about True Ride Home through their website at:, or call them at 952-929-9998.  You can also read an online copy of the article about True Ride Home, True Insurance Agency, and Jay Henry on the Pioneer Press website at:

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