Excel Air LLC Website is now Live

The new Excel Air LLC website (www.excelairllc.com) is now live!
Excel Air LLC is a Commercial HVAC and Sheet Metal Contractor serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas.
Excel Air, LLC is a commercial HVAC/Sheet Metal Contractor founded in 2007 derived from the employees of Excel Air Systems, Inc. founded in 1987 (Excel Air Systems, Inc. closed operations in 2007, due to the retirement of its owners).
You can check out a list of their clients, and samples of work they've done, or get in contact with them directly, all through Excel Air's new website.

True Ride Home Website Launched

I’m proud to announce that the website for True Ride Home (www.trueridehome.com) is now live!

True Ride Home is a new project created by Jay Henry of True Insurance Agency, that reimburses people that make the right decision, and take a cab instead of drinking and driving.  The main goal and idea behind True Ride Home is to reward people for making good decisions and rewarding those that the make the difficult decision to leave their vehicle and take a cab.

You can learn more about True Ride Home, view answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and contact them directly through www.trueridehome.