New Website for True Insurance Agency

The new website for True Insurance Agency (www.trueinsagency) is now live!

True Insurance Agency was founded by experienced Allstate Agent, Jay Henry. Jay Henry and True Insurance are active members in the local community, and are always looking for smart customers that take personal risk decisions seriously.

You can learn more about True Insurance Agency, meet the staff, or contact them directly through the online contact form

New Website for Red Maple construction

The new website for Red Maple Construction ( is now live!

Red Maple was founded 6 years ago and has established itself a reputation as a recognized Design/Build company. With an unending focus to individual quality project services, we strive to offer a creative cost-effective solutions to your building project ideas.

You can learn more about Red Maple Construction, view a gallery of their work, or contact them directly through

Inspire One Foundation website launched

The new website for the Inspire One Foundation ( is now live!

The foundation’s mission is to promote the humane treatment of and maintain the quality of life for all animals whether they be domestic, exotic, wild, or farm animals. It is the purpose of this foundation to foster a public attitude of gentleness through education towards animals and an awareness of the importance they have in our daily lives.

You can learn more about the Inspire One Foundation, including their mission, their program, and you can even purchase merchandise to support the foundation, or contact Inspire One directly through

Anthony Office Solutions Website Re-Design goes Live

The website re-design for Anthony Office Solutions ( is now live!
After working fifteen years as an administrative professional and surviving two corporate acquisitions, Holly decided to start her own business as an independent administrative professional and launched Anthony Office Solutions, LLC.
As an independent administrative professional, her responsibilities consist of generating correspondence, including business letters, newsletters, and presentations while meeting the deadlines established by her clients. In addition, she provides services such as calendar management, database management, Internet research, invoicing, travel planning, and desktop publishing.
You can check out a list of Holly's services, customer testimonials, and contact her directly through

Birch Lawn Maintenance website refresh now live

The website re-design for Birch Lawn Maintenance ( is now live!
Since 1978 Birch Lawn Maintenance has providing PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE to homeowner associations, property managers, and commercial properties around the Twin Cities. DEDICATED to QUALITY maintenance and superior communication Birch Lawn has the expertise and resources to manage ALL your landscape needs.
Birch lawn now serves all the twin cities working with almost 50 different business, association and property managers. Jim now shares the ownership with his son Kris Birch.
You can check out a list of Birch Lawn's services, learn more about the company, apply for a landscaping job, and contact them directly through