CoTweet – An awesome new Twitter tool for businesses

Now that Twitter has become the latest and greatest thing in marketing and social media, and many businesses are looking to use it to their advantage. Enter CoTweet, a great new application to streamline the Twitter experience for businesses, including tracking conversations, multiple users, an easy to use dashboard, and the ability to follow up with other Twitter messages and users.

My personal favorite feature of CoTweet is the ability for businesses to manage multiple users, and allow employees to be registered as “on duty” for the company’s twitter account and replies.  When a user is “on duty” they are automatically sent email updates of new tweets for the accounts they manage every 15 minutes, allowing them to reply, or assign other users to follow up at a later time.

Did I also mention that CoTweet is currently being used by big names such as Ford, Pepsi, Sprint, Microsoft, and some 700 other businesses?  CoTweet is actively working with it’s current user base to expand and improve their tool, and they are currently offering a free public beta to all businesses that wish to sign up.  Unfortunately CoTweet does have plans to implement a subscription-based system at some point in the near future, but after trying out the public beta I must say that this app is completely worth the money.

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