Dealing with Negative Feedback via Social Media

After a slew of scandals and negative cases being reported across the many different Social Media sites, the American Express Open Forum has put together an article on How to Deal with Negative Feedback.

The main ideal behind the article is that Social Media is designed to be a conversation, and these conversations can be positive, or negative.

By and large, this type of communication is a good thing — businesses can form more personal relationships with customers and customers can become part of a community around the brands and businesses they want to support.

However, when you open the conversation up to anyone, you can also potentially invite negative criticism that you need to be prepared to deal with.

The article then goes on to break down the different types of negative feedback, and offers different methods of how to approach and react to the feedback.

This is a great article and could be of assistance to businesses involved in Social Media, especially after some of the latest scandals, such as:

Kevin Smith is kicked off a Southwest Flight for being “too fat”

Or any one of these Top Twitter Scandals

Not to mention all the Celebrity Twitter Scandals that have been going on lately.

In fact, this is such a hot topic that the Social Media Business Council has also put together Disclosures Best Practices Toolkit for businesses involved in Social Media and Networking.

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