Facebook’s new Open Graph API and what it means for Social Media

At Facebook’s annual F8 conference, the company unveiled it’s new Open Graph API and Protocol with plans to interconnect Facebook with other websites, and allow these sites to tie back into Facebook itself to build a new Social Web.

The official Facebook Blog post announcing Open Graph goes into somewhat more detail as to what Facebook’s plans are for the new system, and also introduced early Open Graph integrations with Microsoft, Yelp and Pandora.

These new integration options will allow sites to pull certain Facebook profile information for website visitors, and provide these sites with the tools and data to build advanced interactive solutions, such as sharing favorite web pages with friends, showing your friends what you’re currently listening to (Pandora), sharing your favorite local businesses (Yelp), and more.

You can also read more about Facebook’s Open Graph along with integration examples and privacy concerns over on Mashable.

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Facebook is effective to promote, if you know what to do to use it right. Probably what trips people up is that the administrator’s don’t communicate in their audience’s language. We all know it’s not easy, as it’s hard to grow a decent fan like base.

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