Thwart Social Media Identity Theft and Check/Register Usernames with KnowEm

Not just for businesses any more, your social media identity is becoming increasingly important in online (and offline) communication, but how does one keep track of all of these new sites and usernames. Enter KnowEm (

KnowEm starts with a basic (free) service that allows you to search for your username on over 300 social media sites. This is also a great tool for startups to check on the availability of possibly brand names.

The fun doesn’t stop there, KnowEm also offers paid username registration services to capture your desired username across this plethora of social networks. ┬áThere are 3 levels of paid registrations services, ranging from the basic username registration (no other profile information), to the enterprise plan that covers the registration and profile setup (including photos, bio and url) for the 300+ social networks on the site.

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