How Googlebot Crawls Javascript

Last year Google posted on their Webmaster Central Blog that they would begin executing and crawling Javascript on websites to better understand dynamic web content:

Merkle | RKG ran a series of tests to determine just how well the Googlebot was able to crawl and index Javascript, and Search Engine Land recently posted the results.

Think Google can’t handle JavaScript? Think again. Contributor Adam Audette shares the results of a series of tests conducted by his colleagues at Merkle | RKG to examine how different JavaScript functions would be crawled and indexed by Google.

Source: We Tested How Googlebot Crawls Javascript And Here’s What We Learned

Google now boosting websites using HTTPS for SEO

According to a new post over on the Webmaster Central blog, Google is rolling out a change to their search alogrithym that will give a boost to sites running under HTTPS secure connections:

Google now recommends websites use an HTTPS connection for serving all content, with at least a 2048-bit certificate. They also provided a link to a tool by Qualys SSL Labs that can test your site’s SSL configuration:

After a number of vulnerabilities that have come to light in recent years due to insecure HTTP connections (especially on Wireless networks), and many large sites changing over to HTTPS connections (Facebook/Twitter/Google/Yahoo ), Google continues to push for HTTPS everywhere.

It's Official – Google Launches New Webspam Update "Penguin"

Rumors have been flying after Google’s Matt Cutts announced an upcoming search algorithm change targeting webspam, and today we have a name to go with it; Penguin.

Like it’s friendly cousin Panda, we know that this new update will target websites violating Google’s quality guidelines, and decrease their search rankings accordingly. Web Pro News has a great collection of new posts concerning the Penguin update already, and also details Google’s basic quality guidelines and unwritten rules.

Google’s Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye has also been busy producing a number of short segments covering a variety of Search Engine Optimization Do’s and Don’ts (such as Pagination and SEO and 5 Common Mistakes in SEO).

 UPDATE: 06/25/12 – The Google Webmaster Team has also conveniently released a new video playlist on youtube labeled “Webmaster Academy”; aimed at helping webmasters to get their websites performing better in search results.

Google’s Social Search goes live

Last week it was Bing’s turn in the spotlight, and now it appears that Google has jumped on the Social Search bandwagon as well.

Google’s Social Search will integrate into their current search results and display relevant status updates from social media sites including Twitter, Flickr, FriendFeed.  The new Social Search will also display content from relevant blogs and public profiles, as well as relevant articles from a user’s Google Reader subscriptions.

You can read Google’s official announcement and get more information on their new Social Search from the official Google Social Search Announcment.