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ReDesign of JB Design and Photo Website is live

After a large amount of work coding XHTML, CSS, and PHP, I have finally completed the re-design for JB Design and Photo. Take a minute to look around and if you have any feedback, feel free to try out the new, easy to use, contact form.

This new website is part of a new process to make it easier to keep track of your current projects, as well as requesting new services or features.

Some of the exciting new products that are now being offered include:

  • -Web Hosting directly through JB Design and Photo
  • -Domain Registration/Renewal through JB Design and Photo
  • -Newly re-designed JB Design and Photo website to make it easier to get the help and information you need
  • -For clients with a WordPress-based site, WordPress has just released version 2.7, including some major changes to make everything easier
  • -Email Marketing Campaigns – JB Design and Photo is now working with MailChimp to help our clients send out great looking, and powerful Email Campaigns (in fact, we used MailChimp to send out our Holiday Email Campaign)
  • Advanced Website Statistics and Reporting – JB Design and Photo is now working with Google Analytics to provide weekly website statistics, as well as advanced reports, including e-commerce tracking, email and ad campaign tracking, and moreCampaigns

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Hi, what anti spam tool do you use? Can I download it for free or..? I would really like it if you could answer this question! Ciao!

I currently use the Akismet anti-spam service on the majority of sites built, and have found it to be quite good at preventing spam comments. The best part is that the messages are kept (but flagged as spam), allowing me to go back through and look for any false positives. The other nice feature is that since all of the spam data is also sent to Akismet, they are constantly upgrading their algorithms to detect and flag new spam.

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