12 Awesome Design Blogs that every designer should read

Web Design Ledger has a great list of design-related blogs that I recommend every designer should check out (not to mention the Web Design Ledger site is a great design resource on it’s own).

Here’s a quick sampling of the blogs listed (read the original article here):

That’s all for now.  This is just 1 in a slew of new posts I have cooking for the Moongrabber Blog, along with the other 30 projects I’m currently working on.  Also getting close to releasing the new JB Design and Photo Site, where I plan on adding Design-related tutorials and articles (possibly even a few themes/templates and other resources).


  1. Good short list. We aspire to bring our blog to that level soon. Providing quality content that often is very time consuming.

  2. Thanks. Always good to keep up to date with what others are doing to help you come up with your own ideas.

  3. Nice List. I am going to visit each one of these and see what I can learn. I think you always need to keep learning and keep looking for new styles. Thanks for sharing.

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