Designers and Developers, Are You Throwing Away Good Money?

Just read a great article over on Css Tricks about “The Heating Company Analogy” for Designers and Developers, and wanted to follow up with my own post on the topic.

The basic idea behind the article is just like the heating/oil company tries to anticipate your needs and charge you a steady rate throughout the year, we need to anticipate our clients needs and give them a similar option.  Whether you’re offering graphic design, web design, development, or any other of a myriad of services, you should be able to use a subscription-based offering for additional work with your clients.

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10 Magazines Every Designer Should Be Reading

Callum Chapman has posted a list of 10 Design Magazines for every designer to be reading and I thought I’d post a few of my favorites here:

Smashing Magazine Banner

Smashing Magazine

Exclusively available online, Smashing Magazine has grown to be one of the most popular designer magazines today with articles covering everything from blogging to e-commerce, online typography, free graphics, and more.

Layers Magazine Banner

Layers Magazine

Calling themselves the How-To magazine for everything Adobe, Layers provides everything from amazing tutorials and tips to industry-related news, and not to mention some really great contests.

Grafik Magazine Banner

Grafik Magazine

More of a traditional graphic design based magazine, Grafik Magazine includes a bevy of artwork and creatives showcasing amazing talent in the design industry.