Cutting the Mustard – A Look into the BBC’s Latest Responsive Layout Redesign

More and more companies seem to be re-designing their websites with a responsive layout that adapts to the size of the device/browser being used, and the BBC News site has joined them. But the BBC News site, isn’t your ordinary blog or news site. This new responsive design has to support no less than 80 different browser, operating system and device combinations.

Tom Maslen has put together an interesting post that details some of the process behind the re-design, and the challenges that had to be overcome. For those that want more be sure to check out the Responsive News site, which is where the BBC  team posts about their latest developments (

Great example of improving user experience and boosting conversions from Concept Feedback and

Here’s a great post on Concept Feedback about how was able to improve user engagement by 110% and boost their conversions in the process.

Here’s the cliff notes version:
1. Gather Feedback on The Original Landing Page – used Concept Feedback and
2. Summarize Feedback and Create a Wireframe – used Balsamiq and Five Second Test
3. Design a Mockup and Test – used Concept Feedback again and Visual Website Optimizer
4. Launch –

YouTube dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 along with others

In the past week or so if you happened to be browsing YouTube or a number of other sites using the Internet Explorer 6 web browser you may have come across the following notice (or something similar):

Many tech news sites have been covering the story YouTube’s dropped support for IE6 (including Mashable), and it looks as if the chapter of the web involving IE6 may finally be coming to a close.

In fact, there are quite a few sites devoted to tracking the “death of IE6” and the companies that are dropping support for the antiquated browser, including IEDeathMarch, IE6Funeral and others.

IE6 Funeral website dedicated to having a funeral for the browser

Mobile Web is the Future (and it’s already started)

There will be over 1 billion “heavy mobile data users” by 2013.

That’s an absolutely STAGGERING number, and just one of the many trends covered at the Web 2.0 Summit this year by Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker.  In fact Mobile Internet was the main focus of her presentation at the Summit this year.

I could go on and on about the overwhelming amount of data provided in the presentation this year, but how about I share the entire 68 page presentation instead:

Morgan Stanley Economy Internet Trends

Designers and Developers, Are You Throwing Away Good Money?

Just read a great article over on Css Tricks about “The Heating Company Analogy” for Designers and Developers, and wanted to follow up with my own post on the topic.

The basic idea behind the article is just like the heating/oil company tries to anticipate your needs and charge you a steady rate throughout the year, we need to anticipate our clients needs and give them a similar option.  Whether you’re offering graphic design, web design, development, or any other of a myriad of services, you should be able to use a subscription-based offering for additional work with your clients.

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